Citizens Initiative On Environment Monitoring – unconference session presentation at the Camp Pixelache (Vartiosaari), Helsinki

Interdisciplinary Community Gathering Talk And Presentation



Pixelache Helsinki (‘Pikseliähky’) is an electronic art and subculture festival that was being held in Helsinki since 2002. it has various programs, such as seminars, workshops, exhibitions, concerts and club events.

Since 2012, the festival themes have become quite diverse as well as the organizational of Pixelache. Pixelache Helsinki 2014 was an international 2-day trans-disciplinary event focusing on the theme of “The Commons”, including biocommons, urban culture, and the kinds of knowledge about The Commons.

Adding a new island to its logbook after Suomenlinna (2011) and Naissaar (2013), Camp Pixelache will take up residence on Vartiosaari, a nature island surrounded by eastern suburbs of Helsinki, during 6-8th June 2014.

I became a participant on Camp Pixelache 2014 on the behalf of Lifepatch member and also represent the Hackteria International Community to disseminate the HackteriaLab 2014 – Yogyakarta event that was held on April 15 – 30, 2014. In the unconference session presentation at the Camp Pixelache, I get a chance to present the research, mapping, and monitoring of the river in the JRP – Jogja River Project. Moreover, the presentation itself also contains the dissemination of the HackteriaLab 2014 – Yogyakarta event.

The Presentation Material
Became contributor at Camp Pixelache 2014: Remix the Commons video-mix

Remix the Commons is a collaborative and evolutive multimedia project. It aims at documenting and illustrating key ideas and practices of the commons movement, including the creative process of the project itself. During Camp Pixelache 2014 in June on Vartiosaari, Alain Ambrosi & Frédéric Sultan from Remix the Commons platform worked together with M-Cult,‘s Maria Candia and Kalle Kuisma to make recorded interviews & conversations with the Camp participants about how they defined the Commons, and about the gathering that was taking place.

Alain Ambrosi and his team from Remix The Commons documenting people sharing what the commons means to/for them, in their own language. Videos will be part of Define the commons project. – Description and Photo by Ong Jo-lene


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