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[Wawies] Wisnu Wisdantio : Profile

DSC_4757cWisnu Wisdantio who usually also called as Wawies is also a self-taught amateur photographer who exploring the possibilities in creative visual and documentation methods for research and knowledge transfer. Currently, with his background in Architecture, he works on an Architecture and Engineering Consultant Firm on Yogyakarta City focusing on building design, research and urban/city planning.
Brought by his biggest interest on interdisciplinary knowledge, he takes part in various activities with communities and organisations to explore the relationship between spaces, socio-historical, ecological and environmental issues. Since 2010, he takes part as an editor and a travel writer in Landscape Indonesia, which is an online platform based on open share community focusing on evoking community conversations about travelling experiences, responsible travelling, and exploration of environmental issues through travel writing and visual documentation. In parallel, he also explores the practice of amateur photography as part of multi-disciplinary activities when he decided to join Lifepatch at early 2013, which is a community base organisation working in the creative and appropriate application in the field of art, science and technology.

“Every experience just like dust from the road that stuck on our cloth. It’s very tiny and light which are very easy to blow away by the wind” –[Wawies] Wisnu Wisdantio, 2011–


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