Foto DiriWisnu Wisdantio is an Architect who also a research enthusiast since his young age in science, history, culture, ecology, local knowledge, environmental issues and how each of them connected to each other. Brought him to have concerns on emphasizing the connections between those subjects with the design of buildings and physical spaces in most of his projects since he was studying at the Architecture Study Program – Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta until now while carrying out his daily routine working as an Architect and Urban Planning analyst at a building design and engineering firm in Yogyakarta – Indonesia.

Encouraged by his endless enthusiasm for research activities and driven by his has a big interest in travelling activities to pursue adventurous experiences, Wisnu who usually also called Wawies is also an amateur photographer and writer trough self-learning autodidactically to explores the possibilities in creative documentation methods for research and knowledge transfer, in order to evoke community conversations focused on architecture, urban design, environmental issues, and responsible travelling. Something that eventually led “Wawies” has the opportunity to meet new people with various backgrounds and working with diverse communities or organizations.

In 2010, Wawies’ early works developed when he joined, an open online platform to archive the travellers’ notes when exploring Indonesia. He accomplished several works as a researcher and travel writer on several Travel E-books collaboration projects that were organized and self-published by

His works expand widely after his participation as a researcher through the development of 360-degree photo documentation techniques and its DIY Panohead Tool in a collaboration project “Jogja River Project” in 2012 organized by Lifepatch, a community-based organization working in the creative and appropriate application in the field of art, science, and technology. Eventually, through that longterm project, he had been being invited to join Lifepatch as a full-time member in 2013. Since then, it becomes a platform where he works in exploring design practices and developing visual documentation techniques while maintaining his interest in research activities in addition to his daily routine of working as an Architect and Urban planner.

Nowadays, Wisnu or “Wawies” has developed various experiments and works, ranging from the exploration of various installation designs, the exploration of various forms of using photos and videos as a medium for transferring knowledge and information, to various interactive works based on scientific interpretation and research on various site-specific projects.

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