Hackteria: Biologische Kunst – Wissenschaft, Natur und Biohacking, Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

Interdisciplinary Community Gathering Talk And Presentation



Hackteria: Art Biology Science, Nature and Biohacking is a series of events organized by Marc Dusseiller and Hackteria International Community, in collaboration with Kunstverein Schaffhausen. All events are held in the Auditorium of Museum Zu Allerheiligen, Schaffhausen. Workshop and a series of panel discussions held for 3 days focusing on interdisciplinary activities of science and art

After five years since its inception, Hackteria | Open Source Biological Artis a global network that developed with the radical interdisciplinary approach emphasized on the ideas and methodologies in the field of BioArt, DIY biology‘, Appropriate Technology, Science Arts, and Bio-Hacking’. One focus of this project is hackteria.org, which is an online platform that provides a variety of information for artists, hackers/makers, researchers, and educators. In addition, through HackteriaLab 2010-2014, which is an event for 1-2 weeks is done regularly every year, participants from various countries meet and jointly perform a variety of collaborative practice through new projects as a medium to share knowledge through workshops and presentations. In the event which was held for 3 days in Schaffhausen Switzerland, divided into sections that everything is an explanation of the movement and the history of DIY and Open Hardware through discussions and hardware hacking activity.

“Wawies” Wisnu Wisdantio became this event participant on the behalf of Lifepatch member and also represent The Landscape Indonesia website. During one of the event phase called as “Hackteria Soirée: Nature, Art & Science”, which was a discussion on Bio Art, Biohacking and interdisciplinary, Wawies presenting an overview of the collaborations of Life Patch with Hackteria, BioDesign.cc and other partners in the JRP – Jogja River Project. In addition, he also talks about how amateur landscape photography could become tools for Landscape Indonesia” to share information about travel and environmental issues in an online platform website and produce the Free-Download E-photobook of Indonesia for Indonesians. Moreover, I’m just a little part of this event phase. Erich Berger (AT / FI) Finnish Society of Bioart, gives an insight Ars Bioarctica Residency program in Kilpisjärvi, Nord-Lappland, as well as various artistic commitment in relation to nuclear power in Finland, followed by the presentation of her latest book publication Field_Notes from Landscape to Laboratory – Maisemasta Laboratorion. Marc Dusseiller generally provides the project Hackteria | Open Source Biological Art before and gives an insight into HackteriaLab 2014 Yogyakarta, which he has co-organized this April in Indonesia. Boris Magrini (CH), an art historian, is making an attempt at the various topics presented, as well as the Bio Art in general, to summarise his view, as well as to position activism between contemporary art and Neomodernism. The audience is then invited to an open discussion moderated by Leo Bettina Roost and Boris Magrini.

The Presentation Material


Besides presentation and discussion, the other participants were also contributory to the success of this event series through experiment activities on field and laboratory to share their achievement in knowledge exploration. Some of the practical topics explored are the following:

Do-It-Yourself Microscope Workshop

“Make your own microscope webcam” workshop with Marc Dusseiller (CH) and Nur Akbar Arofatullah (ID)


Hackteria Listening Fields

Sound walk in Randen – Switzerland with Kaspar König (NL/CH), Pei-Wen Liu (TW/CH) and Christoph Stähli (CH)


Hackteria Natural Soundscapes

Experiment sound performance that inspired with the biological environment. The performance artist are Kaspar Konig – carte blanche, Pei-Wen Liu – The Philosophy of Constant Waiting (Chapter 7 Yogyakarta), Christoph Stähli – Noise and Nature, and collaboration of Marc Dusseiller with Yashas Shetty – Randen Listening Fieldscolaborasi

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