360 Degree Panohead V.02A

Prototype of The DIY 360 Degree Panohead V.02A Photography Tools developed to support Lifepatch Jogja River Project (JRP)


Following the test of Panohead V.01 on environmental monitoring project called The Jogja River Project that was held on JRP – 2014, The Panohead V.02A was made with significant changes from the Panohead V.01 Design.

It developed based on better knowledge of nodal points and the “No-Parallax” position that could be found easily as a free source of knowledge at PanoTools.org Wiki, Beside of that, the Panohead V.02A already designed could be used for the various type or brands of cameras, lenses, and tripod just like the design of the commercial panoramic head.


Overall, The Panohead V.02A was made with an Aluminium plate that has 3 mm in thickness and wide around 3 cm. It separated became 3 parts, part 1 is used as a nodal point horizontal adjustment plate, part 2 is used as a structural plate, and part 3 is used as camera mounting and nodal point adjustment based on camera and lens type.

Learn from the experiences of Panohead V.01 development, the adjustment mechanism, and how it works perfectly after being tested with Nikon D90 + 18-105mm lens and Canon EOS 60D + 18-55mm lens during the Jogja River Project.

Some panorama pictures that were made with the Panohead V.02A

Schaffhausen - Switzerland
Schaffhausen – Switzerland
Suroloyo Peak - Kulon Progo
Suroloyo Peak – Kulon Progo
Wonosadi Sacred Forest - Gunungkidul
Wonosadi Sacred Forest – Gunungkidul

After the tool test with Nikon D90 + 18-105mm lens and Canon EOS 60D + 18-55mm lens, its needs to be repaired again with different materials or with different metal plate thickness. The note from the first test are:

  • the plate thickness was great, but when mounted on the tripod, the construction of the tool was a little bit shaking after being moved, particularly on the vertical structure plate. It’s might be happened because of the weight of the camera’s body and lens.
  • the circular point needs to repair or change with a different mechanism, which has grips to make it locked easier.