Go-Circle: How To Make DIY 360-Degree Picture – Workshop at NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] Tokyo

DIY 360-Degree Panohead Photography tool Public Workshop



GoCircle: How To Make DIY 360-Degree Picture is a workshop as part of Lifepatch Exhibition on Collaboration Project ‘‘Media Conscious in Asia”: Lifepatch ‘Rumah dan Halaman’ that was held on Nov 1st of 2016 until March 12 of 2017 at NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] Tokyo. It’s a collaboration project between Lifepatch, Japan Foundation Asia Center and NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]. The workshop itself was held on Nov 13 of 2016 at ICC Gallery B5.

The workshop was talking about how to make simple DIY (Do It Yourself) 360-degree Panohead tripod and making panorama pictures with the Panohead tool. Nowadays, 360-degree photo as a spherical image of the photographer surrounding area became popular and easy to create with the help of a particular app on a Smartphone or PDA. But on the contrary, 360-degree hardware for Camera is expensive and not everyone can afford. In this workshop, we will learn basic knowledge of 360-degree pictures, how to make the DIY 360-degree Tripod Panohead tools that affordable, and finally learn to produce serial pictures as basic material to make a 360-degree image. In this workshop, we will need DIY Panohead kit, tripod, and various type of camera, such as Pocket camera, Prosumer camera, DSLR.

Within the workshop on The Collaboration Project “Media Conscious’ in Asia”, I was part of Lifepatch make a small collaboration with “St. Joseph – The Carpenter” to built The DIY 360-Degree Panohead Kit, which is a Panohead that build limited that build based on the concept design of Panohead V.02B. Manufactured based on wood as the main material, this hardware version was made to support some from many types of camera, such as Pocket Camera or DSLR. Besides that, it also could be attached to various type of tripod.

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* Details of workshop and The description of Collaboration Project ‘‘Media Conscious in Asia”: Lifepatch ‘Rumah dan Halaman’ on lifepatch.org
* Collaboration Project ‘‘Media Conscious in Asia”: Lifepatch ‘Rumah dan Halaman’ on NTT Inter Communication Center [ICC] official website