Hivos – The Brain Grind Session, Stockholm, Sweden

Interdisciplinary Community Gathering Discussion And Presentation


Hivos Brain Grind Session

Hivos Brain Grind Session is a session that held by Hivos preceded by Creative Time’s Annual Summit at Stockholm, Sweden. Creative Time Annual Summit is the leading conference devoted to exploring the intersection of art and social justice, which are already held annually since 2009.

Preceded by its annual summit, Hivos invited a group of fifteen people who are all committed to this subject but come at it from different angles. I became a participant in The Brain Grind Session on behalf of Lifepatch member, which was as the attendant on Creative Time’s Annual Summit 2014 and became a participant in Hivos – Brain Grind Session.

The Process Documentation by Mthabisi Phili
The Participant List (Booklet)
The Presentation Material
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