The Ghost Lamp

Cel animation on the Pepper Ghost holographic projection

The Ghost Lamp is a small project that implements two different visual technics, which is a combination of the animation made with an adaptation of Cel Animation Methods and the Pepper Ghost Holographic Projection as the visualization method.

Cel Animation is a Traditional animation technique that has a similar way to flipbook animation works. It’s an old technique that displays a series of drawings slightly different from one to another image simultaneously at a fast speed, which is the rapid changes between each image that will create an illusion of movement.

Meanwhile, in order to create the animation as a ghostly image, the Cel animation will be projected with a Pepper’s Ghost Illusion projector. The Pepper Ghost holographic projection is an illusion effects technique for creating transparent ghostly images based on a 16th-century illusion technique in the Italian Peninsula that was re-discovered in around 1862 by Henry Dircks during the development of Dircksian Phantasmagoria, which was successfully implemented in the theatre performance by John Henry Pepper during the production of Charles Dickens’s “The Haunted Man” in 1862.

Based on the technique, the Ghost Face animation during this mini-experiment was created by combining hundreds of face picture sequences as a series of images from the static face expression until the face with a grinning smile image, which was displayed at around 10 Frame Per Second speed.

Image Series Sequences Within The Ghost Face Mini Project

The image was designed with high contrast between the figure and its black color background, in order to make the background part illuminated with low light intensity and the face part illuminated brightly as the only object or part that will be reflected or projected as the “Ghost”. Meanwhile, to build a story within the ghostly face appearance, the projection is designed to befall in the middle of an old lamp.

Video editing and animation by “Wawies” Wisnu Wisdantio
All Sound Effect is No Copyright Sound Effect made by AR Sound Effect.

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Public Discussion – Pergerakan: Warga Berdaya dan Yogyakarta yang sumpek

Public Discussion Of City Public Spaces Management


Poster Diskusi Publik

The focus of this discussion is the development and the rapid growth of the Yogyakarta city at the present time which has a major impact on the functional specialization of public space. Public Space Regulation and management became the starting point to maintain and develop the functional integration of the city’s public spaces.

It refers to the function of public space as the primary interaction connector between its citizen, which are also reflected in the culture of Yogyakarta city. The city regulation and management that neglect the function of the public space may lead restlessness of the people who really care about the development of their city.

This discussion talking about “Warga Berdaya” movements that were performed to criticise the government policies about regulation and management of public space in Yogyakarta. “Warga Berdaya” with various ways of direct actions in the public space demanded treatment and development of abandoned infrastructure.

Friday, May 10, 2013
Rumah IVAA (Indonesia Visual Art Archive) | Jalan IREDA, Gang Hiperkes 188 A / B
– Yoan Vallone – (Activists of Bicycle Community)
– Elanto Wijoyono – (Cultural Heritage Observer)
– Andrew Lumban Gaol – (Street Artist)
– Wawies Wisnu Wisdantio – (Architect)
Moderator: Yoshi Fajar Kresno Murti

Short version of video documentation on arsip IVAA

Full version of video documentation on arsip IVAA

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The Peaceful of Sampelong

Photo slideshow video of the JafuZZ CoBre recording session


Un-Official Photo Slideshow of “The Peaceful of Sampelong” Recording Process by JafuZZ CoBre, 2012

Photographer: Wawies Wisnu and Magdalena Kubala
Video Editing by Wawies Wisnu
Vocal by Uyau Morrist
Sampelong Instrument by Rizal MAJ

Location at Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiarja, Bantul District, Yogyakarta

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