His enthusiast for research and documentation focusing on science, culture, local knowledge, ecology, and Nature subjects has encouraged Wawies to study photography on a self-taught basis. Learning to capture a moment in a single photo frame that is capable of presenting thousands of words is a long-term learning process that seems to be limitless and he has been doing for years without realizing it, bringing out thousands of digital photos that are stored on his hard drive.

In the end, instead of just being a pile of useless files, he tries to use online-based platforms to display some of his works in order to build an online audience and get certain feedback. One of them is uploading some of his work on the Microstock marketplace platform which he later calls the A long-term [Micro]Stock project. In his mind, the marketplace is the easiest place to measure how the audience evaluates our photos. At the same time, it can provide passive income rather than just keeping it safe on a storage hard drive.

Here are the examples of his works that have been accepted by an online-based microstock photography company and succesfully monetized: